AACA Introduction Letter

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you all to join the newly formed African American Counseling Association (AACA). The mission of the AACA is to address counseling issues that impact the quality of life of African American consumers and professionals. This organization will seek to foster a commitment to addressing these needs.

Given the significance of issues faced by African American consumers and professionals, the formation of the AACA is long overdue and critical for a number of reasons.  African American consumers are severely underserved by the counseling profession. There is also the lack of independent, national professional counseling organizations that specifically address and prioritize the needs of African American consumers and professionals in a comprehensive manner. Moreover, the issues faced by African American consumers are often minimized and marginalized by existing professional organizations. Therefore, this organization seeks to empower African American consumers through diverse strategies, professional development, and engagement efforts. Topics will be addressed through formal organizational structure, including, but not limited to the following: peer-reviewed journals, professional conferences and workshops, webinars, national meetings, and social justice and advocacy efforts.

The AACA fully supports existing counseling organizations. This organization does not discriminate against any individual or entity based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other category. The AACA fully embraces diversity, but issues related to African American consumers and professionals will always be the top priority for the organization.

The AACA is officially open for membership and collaboration and we encourage you to consider joining the organization. If you are interested, please visit the website at www.theaaca.org.

Warm Regards,


Dr. David Staten

Executive Director

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